Milú is a fine artist from Mozambique. She live in Portugal and Denmark for twelve years, where she finished her degree in Fine Arts. Today she lives in Cabo Frio, a few minutes away from Buzios. The artist has exhibited in Central America, South America, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, Denmark and Norway.

Using acrylic, with strong colors and cheerful shades, Milú builds a universe of mannequins, pantomime, backstage, still nature and bicycles.

Her mark is an unmistakable trace, a trait of the Artist that means to transmit cheerfulness in all of her canvases. With subtle brushstrokes, Milú trys to understand the light above the forms.

Her paintings portray people and everyday scenes in vivid colors. "I've never liked dolls, I've always had an artistic side. I like to paint what moves me, I put on the canvas  the elements that are part of people's daily life and from the trips I make around the world" she says.

Her work can be found in galleries around Rio de Janeiro, in her studio, at Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa and at Abracadabra Pousada.

Milú Petersen
Fine Artist
Cabo Frio - RJ, Brazil