Búzios is mostly constituted by a peninsula with eight kilometers of extension that joins 20 different beaches, receiving by one side warm water currents from Ecuador, while the other side is hit by the cold sea currents from the South Pole. With so many different options, it is important to know which beaches are the most suited for your trip.


Both of them are considered part of Rio de Janeiro state elite beaches; Azeda and Azedinha have the calm water and few waves to shape a natural pool. They also receive small boats where drinks are served. Beach sunshades and chair rental service is also available.
These sister beaches are located a few minutes from downtown and the walk is gorgeous, beginning on Orla Bardot Boardwalk, passing the bucolic Saint’Anne church and also the discreet Ossos’ beach.
Due to its small extension, the ideal is to arrive to the beaches in the early morning, and to those who prefer not to go by the common way (off the beaten path), the tip is to get a sea taxi to enjoy the pleasant tour.


In a few driving minutes you arrive in João Fernandes beach. Mostly famous among the Argentinean tourists, it impresses by the marine beauties, light blue water and a serene atmosphere. With a vivid marine life, this beach is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving beginners. For those who are seeking tranquility, it is recommended a walk to the right corner, where it is possible to find a quiet bar place that offers chairs by the sea. From downtown, it is possible to arrive easily walking for 30 minutes, or if you rather to go by car, the beach is only 5 driving minutes away. Following through the right corner, it is also easy to arrive in João Fernandinho beach, which is no further than 100 meters.


For those who like to enjoy all the city fuss, the suggestion is to take a walk along the well attended Geribá beach. Mostly visited by young people and offering fine features to practice sports, such as surf, stand up paddle, kayak, kite surf and windsurf, this beach also displays a soft large light sandy stretch that is perfect to take long walks, practice “frescobol”, volleyball and foot volley. The best waves are on Geriba’s right corner, a youth’s hang-out point and where state and national championships take place. The left corner, with smaller waves is preferred by beginner surfers, who can count on surf classes for every age. It is also possible to go walking from the right corner (the calmer) to Ferradurinha’s beach.


This beach is 10 minutes away from downtown by car. As a calm and cold watered cove, the beach is used to charm its visitors with its surrounding rocks, making it a perfect place to practice stand up paddle and kayaking.


The calm and cold watered cove is one of the most chosen destinations for those who are looking for fun. The horseshoe shape and its plain sand make the walk more enjoyable. Moreover on this beach there are stands that serve a good variety of snacks, drinks and options of paddle boats, kayaks, banana boats, stand ups and others.


At five minutes driving from the hotel, this open sea beach still preserves its wild natural beauty and it is ideal for surf lovers. In this scenery it is located the sophisticated Casas Brancas’ lounge-restaurant, Rocka Beach Lounge, a seaside restaurant commanded by the Argentinean Chef Gustavo Rinkevich, that mixes Mediterranean inspires cuisine with local and organic ingredients.


This beach gets warm currents that come from the Ecuador, not to mention its small stretches separated by submersed rocks that compose actual reefs. There are also bars that offer sunshades, tables and chairs. Our recommendation is that you take a sea taxi to get there.